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Costa Rica real estate
Costa Rica for years has been a hidden paradise in which to vacation and purchase retirement property. With a stable government that welcomes vacationers and retirees, it is the choice of many Americans, Europeans, and others. Land, homes, farms, and businesses are owned by a growing number of foreigners.

There is an abundance of interesting and exotic places to visit and enjoy throughout the country. If you are searching for that safe, slow moving, invigorating environment then Costa Rica is for you. You can select the climate you desire, as there are many microclimates throughout the country. Retirees are welcome in Costa Rica and may obtain pensioned residency with a guaranteed retirement income of only $600 per month, this allows one to stay in the country indefinitely rather than the 90 days allowed by a tourist visa.

Many retire on less than $20,000 U.S. annually, managing to live very comfortably. If you are not of retirement age one may obtain other types of residency. Reasonably priced local products and an inexpensive labor source provide for a low cost of living. As housing prices continue to escalate in the U.S. and other countries, Costa Rica offers a very reasonable alternative lifestyle.

Excellent health and dental care is available, usually at one-fourth the cost in the U.S. At the present time, if you own a house and a car and have no debt, a couple can live comfortably on $1500-$2000. USD per month depending on your lifestyle. Personal services (i.e. Maid, gardener, beauty parlor, etc.) are very reasonable.

Costa Rica real estates
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If you are searching for that beautiful, peaceful, and safe vacation destination or retirement property, you have come to the right place. Costa Rica offers an alternative to the hectic, frenetic lifestyle found in many countries. Only a short flight away in the center of Central America you find a virtual paradise with the climate you desire whether it is hot, mild, or cool. The climate is dependent upon the elevation you choose.

You will find spectacular scenery from mountains, valleys, and coastal areas, with wildlife one only reads about. Thousands of species of trees, lush tropical plants, coastal rain forest, trees ferns, delicate orchids, monkeys, sloths, and more than 300 varieties of birds.

Coffee, banana, pineapple, sugarcane, and other plantations are abundant throughout Costa Rica as well. Step back in time to a slower pace of life and come visit this beautiful exotic country. We have the property of your dreams, at prices you can afford.
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Unique and extremely affordable priced mountain properties. These gorgeous mountain properties have some of the most impressive panoramic views along the Guanasaste Coast with sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Located from sea level to 1800 meters above sea level. Absolutely no crime and good local people with no immediate neighbors. Most properties have breathtaking views of the Gulf of Nicoya.

Join the tens of thousands of North Americans and Europeans that have discovered their own private paradise. Vacation, retire, invest or operate a business in Costa Rica. Located just a scenic 4-hour drive from San Jose along the Pan-American Highway. Discover the jewel of the tropics.

Costa Rica real estate